P hanger 
︎︎︎Photo by Hong Kim

Still-life on the table — A different way to arrange tableware

one day



Platz 2 
︎︎︎Brand Identity, Signage... Full images coming soon

Leevisa―Gi (기, 氣) Digital Single Album
︎︎︎Text by Jungmin Cho, Photo by Axe Kim

Artists in Art Studio of National Museum of Modern and Contemporary Art, Korea 2014   
︎︎︎Catalog, Editorial Design (Practice)

Extraordinary Phenomenon, Nam June Paik
︎︎︎Exhibition Identity, Poster, Leaflet, Space graphic (Practice)

Chungyang Mobility
︎︎︎CI, Logotype, Signage, Application (Practice)

공간사랑 컨템포러리 프로젝트―결정적순간들: 공간사랑, 아카이브, 퍼포먼스 
︎︎︎Catalog (Practice)

The Frontline of Korean Architecture DOCUMENTUM 2014-2016
︎︎︎Book Design (Practice)

The Previous Room: Heesue Kwon
︎︎︎Exhibition Identity, Leaflet, Website
︎︎︎Web Development by turtlefingers 

POST SEOUL apartment #1
︎︎︎Book Design (Practice)

The Mirror and The Lamp
︎︎︎Visual Identity, Invitation, Signage, Catalog (Practice)

Sites & Systems
︎︎︎Lettering, Poster (Practice) 

Taste of Sound, Sound of Taste
︎︎︎Visual Identity, Poster, Leaflet, Banner, Program (Practice)

이 연극의 제목은 없읍니다
︎︎︎Visual Identity, Poster, Leaflet, Banner (Practice)

Letter P 
︎︎︎Graphics for P Bag made on Practice’s anniversary (Practice)

TV Commune
︎︎︎Catalog (Practice)
︎︎︎Exhibition Identity by Yoo Yoon Seok

BackgroundRadiationReflection: Heesue Kwon
︎︎︎Exhibition Identity, Poster, Leaflet

P Montage
︎︎︎Window Graphic (Practice)

Sejong Art Market SOSO
︎︎︎Visual Identity, Poster, Banner, Leaflet, Application (Practice)

KF Public Diplomacy Academy
︎︎︎Logotype (Practice)

Parallelities, Aernout Mik
︎︎︎Exhibition Identity, Poster, Banner, Invitaion, Leaflet (Practice)

Akram Zaatari. Against Photography.
︎︎︎Exhibition Identity, Poster, Invitation, Leaflet (Practice)

Project Exhibition, Bae Young-whan
︎︎︎Leaflet (Practice) 

The Power of Words in Advertisements
︎︎︎Exhibition Identity, Poster, Banner, Space Graphic, Application (Practice)

noon 6: post-online
︎︎︎Book Design (Practice)

Sejong Center Signage
︎︎︎Signage system (Practice)
︎︎︎Design by Practice and workroom 

ACC Archive & Research
︎︎︎Leaflet (Practice) 

MAIPU Project
︎︎︎Exhibition Identity, Poster, Leaflets, Catalog (Practice)

Children’s Museum of National Museum of Korea
︎︎︎Poster, Signage (Practice)

The exploding hole, when the small thing grows up.
︎︎︎Visual Identity, Poster, Booklet 

her portrait, Joo Hwang
︎︎︎Visual Identity, Poster, Leaflet, Banner, Catalog (Practice)

︎︎︎Identity, Website (Practice)
︎︎︎Web Development by deerstep

︎︎︎Identity, Application (Practice)

학문과 삶의 기록, 성균관대학교 건축역사연구실 1986-2013
︎︎︎Book Design (Practice)

far ride
︎︎︎Business Card, Brochure (Practice)